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Car Control Course - Live Saving Skills In This 3 Hour Course

We are the ONLY Authorized Third Party Drivers Training Provider utilizing a Skid Vehicle on our closed course to teach these car control techniques with professionally trained and ADOT Authorized Trainers.

This course will focus on the dynamics of the vehicle and how the driver can better manage it when situations do become more threatening. The physics of that mass in motion plays a huge role in controlling it; the driver must have a good understanding of this to have any success. Driving our SKID VEHICLE in our safe and controlled environment, will allow the driver to gain a better understanding of the skids that can occur, becoming more sensitive to the vehicle's changes and applying the proper inputs to successfully control it.

NControl Driving School is the Authorized Third Party Provider that brings both curriculums together. Being authorized allows us to do all of the on-the-road skills training needed to help you pass the required MVD road test to receive your license, but we also incorporate the car control training to create the most comprehensive driver training program. Even recommends "For new drivers, you should enroll them into an advanced driving course that teaches controlling a skid, threshold braking and accident avoidance techniques". That's exactly what this Car Control Course does and is designed for.  In fact, we are the only Authorized Third Party Provider to be recommended by Consumer Reports.  (see Recent Media)

WE DON'T USE SIMULATORS, there are just too many other senses that the drivers have to feel in performing these maneuvers, that by sitting behind a two dimensional computer screen limits them to just their visual ques and most of the time are not even close to being as realistic as driving a real car. Driving a vehicle is not a video game and should not be taught like it's one.

WE USE REAL VEHICLES TEACHING REAL LIFE SAVING TECHNIQUES, active driving skills that could some day save your teen's life.

This course is a 3 hour program taught by professional drivers, these are trainers that teach law enforcement personnel, emergency rescue and even the elite Special Forces that protect our country. This course is incorporated into our core classes (103-A (More Seasoned Drivers)) & 103-B (New Drivers) or can be taken separately and is also ideal for drivers that already have their licenses.

Course Covers:
  • Short Ground School in vehicle dynamics & theory, technology, vehicle maintenance and the real responsibilities of driving a motor vehicle. 
  • Steering Techniques
  • Throttle Control & Management
  • Vision Disciplines
  • Cornering Techniques
  • Emergency Braking / ABS
  • Accident Avoidance
  • Precision Maneuverability Course (PMC)
  • SKID Recovery
  • Increased Confidence - understanding vehicles abilities and / or its limitations

Course is offered on the weekends, either in the mornings or afternoons (times vary depending on the season). Call for availability.

* Prices subject to change.

"My daughter had been put through the NControl Driving School and took their Car Control Course by my parents.  The skid vehicle recovery training was embedded into her muscle memory due to the course.  Nine months after taking the course she was hit on the back driver's side of her truck throwing her vehicle face first into oncoming traffic at going at least 55 MPH.  She was able to get back out of those two lanes, across a thick median and back across the two lanes she was in and off to the right side of the road.  She did end up hitting a tree and enduring a broken elbow and other minor injuries.  As I approached the scene, the officer said to me, "Where IN THE WORLD did this child learn to drive?".  I told him that my parents had put her through the school at NControl.  He replied with, "Well, good thing they did because had they not, I'm afraid you would not be looking at your daughter alive right now".  NEEDLESS to say, I was immediately thanking NControl for saving my daughter's life!  Two surgeries later she is healed but had she had to stop for one minute to think which way to turn the wheel to recover from that skid, my baby would be gone.  I am indebted to NControl for life."

S. Kennedy, Gilbert
Mother of Kandace who is still alive thanks to you!

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NControl offers complimentary pick up service in the East Valley and we have designated meeting locations for our North Valley & West Valley customers.
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