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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get my license through you?
A. YES.  As of January 12th, 2015, a new law was passed that all professional driving schools are able to issue a "Training Completion Certificate" after ten (10) hours of professional, behind-the-wheel instruction and evaluation.  We are an ADOT authorized  training provider to instruct and prepare  students for the Training Completion Certificate which enables you to take the certificate to the MVD and waive the need to perform the road test.
(The MVD does have the right to re-test at their discretion). 

Q. Can I get a discount on my insurance by attending NControl?
A. YES. If your insurance carrier offers a discount, being an authorized ADOT provider, we meet the requirements to qualify for that discount.  (NOTE: discounts may vary, ask your agent for details and not all insurance companies offer discounts for drivers' ed, you may want to shop around.)

Q. Can I use my own vehicle?
A. YES and NO.  The students encouraged to use their own car in the Car Control Course,  but the state requires all roadway sessions to be completed in an NControl vehicle which is equipped with a dual brake for safety reasons.

Q. Do you hold courses in the rain?
A. YES. This is very beneficial as it provides valuable experience under hazardous conditions. The adverse conditions accentuate the limits of the vehicle; effectively lowering them making it more difficult for a driver to negotiate a particular maneuver.

Q. Do you accept payments?
A.  YES. Upon enrollment with a credit card, we can set up a payment plan with the amount processed on the morning of each session.

Q.  My teen is 17 years of age, do they need to hold the permit for 6 months?
A.  YES.  The cut off is 18 years of age. If they are under 18,  they need to hold the permit for 6 months from the permit's issuance date.

Q.  I have a permit from another state and I'm eligible to get my license, can I get my Arizona license even though I have a permit from another state?
A. NO.  The student will have to obtain an AZ permits prior to receiving an AZ license,  but they may get training through a Licensed Training Provider while they have their out-of-state permit.

if you have not found the answer you seek, please contact us!

NControl Driving School

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NControl offers complimentary pick up service in the East Valley and we have designated meeting locations for our West Valley customers.
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