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More Seasoned Drivers and the NControl 103 A Course

Our Most Popular Course For Students with Many Hours of Previous Driving Experience

Has your student had their permit for months and has been driving with an adult over the age of 21 a lot? Have they driven at night? On the highway? Major intersections in busy traffic?  Downtown?  The Airport?   Do you want them to take their driver's test at the MVD instead of doing ten hours of driving with an authorized driving school earning their Training Completion Certificate? If so, this may be the course for you or your student! If not, please look at our 103B Course or add hourly sessions onto the 103A course to meet the 10 hours that the state requires.

This course is designed to save you both time and money. Get professionally trained in the latest car control skills and techniques developing proper driving habits for a lifetime and the opportunity to receive substantial discount on your insurance premiums, saving you hundreds of dollars.

The Course:
  • 103-A is 7 hours of behind the wheel driving split into three sessions (2hr. Roadway / 3hr. Car Control / 2hr. Roadway) including complimentary home pick-up for the road and highway segments. Students must have a valid AZ. Learners Permit and provide their own vehicle for the Car Control Course. 


The 3 hour course listed above is designed to teach our students the basics of car control, with a hands-on approach. We want the students to understand how their actions govern the cars responses through specific exercises that are performed. As a result, they become safer, more responsible drivers and have a better understanding of the car's ability along with the confidence to use it when needed.

All of the on-the-road sessions are taught on a one-on-one basis by Authorized Trainers.  Our instructors will allow the student to experience some of the heavier volume conditions to challenge their knowledge / decisions in situations while the whole time being there to back them up with the dual controls. 

What makes NControl unique, is that we are the ONLY Authorized Providers to have our own SKID VEHICLE. So when our students graduate from our course they know how to react and what to do when faced with an emergency. Having a better understanding of the vehicle's abilities and the chance to experience some real life situations in a safe and controlled environment, will enhance their enjoyment of driving and improve their competence overall as drivers.

Other important skills learned:
  • Vision techniques, Throttle Control, Steering Maneuverability
  • Vehicle Boundaries / Abilities, Weight Distribution
  • Reaction Time, ABS Braking, Decision Making Skills
  • Skid Recovery, Vehicle Dynamics
  • Traffic Flow Management, Anticipation / Awareness
  • Intersections and their "Hot Spots" (Hazard Recognition)

Authorized Driving Training Providers such as NControl Driving School, can issue the paperless Training Completion Certificate (TCC) through MVD Now to Arizona residents who successfully complete at least 10 hours of behind the wheel training, pass all testing requirements and meet state safety requirements behind the wheel.  These paperless certificates will waive the need to do the road exam at the MVD offices. 

Looking at our 103B Course?  All you would have to do is add on an additional hour to earn the Training Completion Certificate. 

Call us for more details!

* Prices subject to change.

NControl Driving School

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NControl offers complimentary pick up service in the East Valley and we have designated meeting locations for our North Valley & West Valley customers.
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