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Thank You so much NControl for offering what your company does, especially with the Car Control Course, my son learned so much more in those few hours than I could ever teach him.  Every teen should have to take this course.   Thank You again.

Parent survey

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say Thank You!  Colton had a scary driving experience a couple days ago, and credits NControl for his quick thinking that saved his life. He was driving south on Val Vista, between Ray and Williams Field in the early afternoon.  He only traveled 1/4 of a mile down the road when he saw a car coming at him head on, in the wrong lane at a high rate of speed.  He said he turned hard to the right to avoid the oncoming car,  but his car started to skid and all of that training kicked in and he knew what to do to get out of the skid etc.  It was a terrifying experience and as it happened the same thing occurred the following week to someone else but was not able to avoid the collision.  Just wanted to say Thank You,  Thank You so much for what you teach these new drivers.

Parent survey 

My daughter, Rachel 18 had gone through NControl a few years ago but just recently experienced a tire blow-out on the freeway and was able to stay calm and maneuver the car to the shoulder safely. When I asked her if she was scared, she said a little but I remember the training at the Car Control Class and was able to handle it. Two years later, that training in ingrained in her and made a big difference in how that event unfolded.  I wanted to make sure to let you know how much we appreciate the skills she learned with NControl and that her younger brother will be coming through soon.

Parent Survey

"Just wanted to let you know that Danny was pick to be re-tested at the MVD and performed the 3-point turn perfectly and scored a 96% on the road test, thank you but what was interesting was while I was waiting for my son,  I was speaking to a mom that was waiting for her daughter taking the permit test, I asked if she planned on having her daughter go to a driving school and she said yes.  She proceeded to tell me that NControl was the school and she had heard they were the best.  I let her know that Danny attended and I totally agreed with her.   Thank You for providing such an outstanding program!! I will continue to spread the word as well."

Parent Survey

"Thank You all for being so wonderful, from the office staff, to all of the instructors Trevor drove with. I am so thrilled right now.  I will see you again in 2 an 1/2 years when I sign my daughter up for drivers training!  Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching my son."

Parent Survey

"This course was fun and necessary. The instructors were easier to learn from than my parents and now I feel safer when I drive. Taking behind the wheel from you guys was the best thing ever! We got an insurance discount, I feel like I have mad skills now and we didn't have to wait at the DMV. We'll definitely recommend NControl to all of our other friends. Thank you so much."

Parent Survey

"I have more confidence in myself while driving to keep others and myself safe. I found the Car Control Course beneficial because skidding, parking and accident avoidance helped me understand the vehicle's abilities and how to avoid accidents. I really enjoyed the parking lot exercises."

Student Survey

"Your course couldn't have been better; loved it!"

Parent Survey

"My first driving session was great! John is such a good instructor and I learned so much from him. The handouts and evaluations were also very helpful for me to review on my own. I had previously taken 6 in-car sessions from another school but even one hour with John was much more valuable and helpful than the other 6 hours of lessons all together."


"I would highly recommend NControl. Steve was great with Rylie and the staff was great to deal with. Rylie really learned a lot from the freeway driving as she had never driven on it before. I chose NControl because they came highly recommended from family and friends and when I called to inquire, the office staff was so knowledgeable!"

Parent Survey

"Sending teens to NControl would be the best decision you could ever make."

Parent, Survey

"A great and easy way to learn to drive! Steve and Monica Imhoff are the best around!"

Parent Survey

"Helpful office staff! If you're scared or uncomfortable driving, this course will completely eliminate those fears. I learned a lot of parallel parking techniques and the mirror adjustment strategy was useful."

Parent, Survey

"I feel a lot more comfortable driving after taking the NControl course."

Parent, Survey

"Very useful, even for seasoned drivers. The car control course I found the most beneficial especially the over and under steering examples. "

Parent, Survey

"Office staff was very helpful! I would describe the experience as comfortable, informative.   Our instructor Steve was terrific!"

Parent Survey

"Good information and guidance while driving. Was very beneficial because we encountered new driving situations on unfamiliar roads.  Best value and good instructors!"

Parent Survey

"Very good value and builds confidence."

Parent Survey

"Helpful, reliable and knowledgeable. What helped us most was the accident avoidance course, the parking skills and lane changing assistance. You were referred to us by many people and we wouldn't change a THING about NControl Driving School!"

Parent Survey

"Excellent Driving School. Very thorough, friendly and professional."

Parent Survey

"NControl was supportive in my efforts to make sure my son becomes a safe and capable driver. The car control session was the best because he became more confident and aware."

Parent, Survey

"I wanted to express a HUGE thank you for everything. It was a true pleasure doing business with your entire team. Alec got his license yesterday and having him on the road alone is very scary as a parent but knowing he has the skills he learned makes me feel much better. We will still be doing a lot of driving with him to reinforce the skills he has learned."

Kristen, Parent

"I just wanted to give a shout out to Jamie (Instructor) and say thank you for teaching my son Matt how to drive safely.  He passed his driver's license road test with a score of 100% yesterday!"

Tara, Parent

"As a parent, I felt I needed another set of "eyes" for both of my daughter driver's training. They are 6 years apart but both attended NControl training when they were 16 years old. NControl is the school you want your kid to attend". The day at "the track" (Car Control Session) is worth every penny as it provides skills training unlike any other school. The "skid vehicle" is a necessary training drill they get to experience and apply their knowledge of car control. My kids won't be perfect drivers, but I'm confident they will "Arrive Alive" with what they have learned through NControl Driving School. I recommend this training to all young drivers. Teach them early and let them learn the NControl way.

Keith, Parent

"This email serves to inform you that Nathan drove away from the MVD today with his graduated license! Hip hip hooray! I want to extend the utmost of gratitude and thanks to you and the entire staff at NControl Driving School. We found the experience to be above and beyond our highest expectations.

Nathan started out with Instructor, Jaimie and finished with Warren. Both had different styles, but both highly qualified and skilled drivers with excellent teaching ability. As a Certified Flight Instructor myself, and having accompanied Nathan on his first driving lesson at NControl, I concluded it is easier to teach someone to fly an airplane than to drive a car. I was amazed with Jaimie's calm demeanor and skill at talking the driver through some of the more challenging maneuvers, like parallel parking and driving in rush hour traffic.

Did I mention your office staff? Monica, Rachelle and Becky? They were my first impression and it was excellent! Rachelle spent 20-30 minutes on an initial call with me answering my every question. She treated me like my call and understanding of your program was of utmost importance to her. She had a thorough knowledge and was very friendly. And as stated earlier, it all proceeded with the same excellence throughout.

Thank you so much! We will highly recommend NControl Driving School to teens and prospective drivers of all ages. You're the best in Arizona!


"Your course made me ten times more confident in my driving.  I loved the last session where I was challenged in more difficult driving situations."

Student, Survey Completion 

"Just a short note to thank  you all for your exemplary driving school.  Your staff is unmatched in their professionalism and attention to detail.  It is with great comfort, as a parent, that our daughter Katie has the skills to drive safely that she learned from your program.  You truly go above and beyond what any other driving school offers and we will without question recommend your school to all that have the need for driver training."

D. Shaver

"Informative, helpful and enjoyable!  The ABS exercise in the car control course prepared me for some serious situations.  My older sister also attended your school and we wouldn't change a thing!"

Student, Survey Completion

"Completely worth it! "
Brent & Julie, Survey Completion

"Overall I found it very helpful and educating.  I was awful at parking and after learning your techniques, I am good at it now! I heard about you from friends who did your course and loved it so I asked my parents and they set me up!"
Anon Student, Survey Completion

"Excellent course; very valuable learning experience! The most beneficial course was the accident avoidance (Car Control Session) as we were able to experience these situations for the first time in a controlled environment. We compared 3 other schools."
Kim, Parent

"Outstanding and very educational!"
Anon, Survey Completion

"Worth the money and experience! The most beneficial part to me was driving on the highway because my parents didn't want to!"
Anon Student, Survey Completion

"Your staff and team are great!  From the first phone call to the last session, the experience has been easy and comfortable.  Jenna needed extra help with parking and turning and she was shown the proper way, not my bad habits.  Love that she was taken downtown to one way streets, that she had to get on and off freeways and that she did the skid control class.  If I could change one thing, I probably would have signed her up to get her certificate for the license with your school.  That was not offered when I signed her up in November.  It took us 4-5 hours for her to do the testing with the DMV and it was an unorganized nightmare." 
Jenna's Parent, Survey Completion

"Your course definitely helps you prepare for your driver's test.  I loved the parking and car control.  I heard about your school from over 15 families!  Thank you Warren (instructor) for the great job!"
Anon Student, Survey Completion

"I just wanted to tell you what a great program you have. My daughter Sarah participated in the Car Control portion this morning and really loved it and learned a lot. She has one more session this week but I wanted to Thank you for offering such a great program. Steve and his staff are very educated and my husband and I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge Sarah is getting from this program. Her favorite was the slalom driving Smile

We will highly recommend N Control Driving to her friends and their parents!!"

Christine and Greg
Ahwatukee Area, 

"I would like to thank you for all the help, your class was a big help, Andrew passed his driving test on first try this past Monday! Andrew especially enjoyed the 3 hour course. We all felt he learned a lot from it. I have recommended your company to my co-worker."
Andrew's Mom

"First I wanted to say what a GREAT experience Sarah's first driving session was with Jaimie.  The feedback was great and Sarah really thought she learned a lot."

Chris, Greg and Sarah

"I found the skid car control course the most beneficial to me because I've seen my sister (who went through this course earlier) use these techniques and it saved us from getting in a crash. If I could change one thing about your course, the car control course would be longer."

Teen Student

"How would you describe N Control to someone else?" "Professional, informational and excellent". "What exercises did you find the most beneficial?" "Driving at the airport and the car control session".

Parent of Teen Student

"Thanks for working with me on setting up the class I took this morning with Curtis and Steve. I enjoyed it very much. You have a great crew and the instruction was very helpful. A big thanks to Monica, Curtis and Steve for all of your help. I will be happy to tell others of your school and suggest your classes are well worth taking".

Joan, Adult Advanced Car Control Student

Permit Class Student of the month
May 2014

"I am so pleased with your class! My son took the permit class and straight after went to MVD and passed his written test. He had previously failed 3 times!

I have and will recommend this course to everyone."

Sean's Mom

"Just wanted to thank you for a very informative course. Tyler enjoyed every session. Please tell Warren that Tyler took his driver's test on the 23rd and passed. He took it at about 3pm and was the ONLY teen so far that day to get a perfect score. He was so proud. Warren did an amazing job!"

"I wanted to tell you what an awesome experience Jacob and I had in our first driving session with Steve. Jacob is not a talker. He was very quiet and even hesitant to answer questions, but Steve kept at him very gently... it was perfect! Steve had SO much patience, knowledge and was very kind. For Heaven's sake, I even learned a bunch of stuff! I just wanted to pass this along and thank you again for providing such a valuable service for families like ours. And by the way, I'm telling ALL my friends they would be crazy NOT to sign up their new drivers with N Control!"

"So worth every penny! The best! Beyond exceeded our expectations!"
Completion Survey

"The N Control Car Control course taught me a lot. I learned how to avoid car wrecks, how to get out of skids and skid control in general, how to properly handle a yellow light, understanding the limits of a vehicle, proper steering and more.

I felt nervous about my surroundings but after the class, I felt comfortable focusing on the road while also being able to notice hazards around me. It was a lot of fun in real-life situations. It made me more comfortable driving... period. I highly recommend this course to every driver! I was cut off by another driver only months later and I was able to remember exactly what I learned in the accident avoidance part of the car control course and was able to control my vehicle and didn't get hurt or hurt anyone else."
Zachary, age 16

"Very helpful office staff and very professional, punctual instructor who explained things clearly. My daughter remembers everything you taught her and explains what she and the car can do and why. Just watching the kids during the skid car course, I saw kids realizing how important it is to maintain control of their vehicle. N Control exceeded my expectations."
Completion Survey

"I am glad I took the course. It definitely helped my driving abilities. I was struggling with parking and now I'm not. There's nothing I would change about N Control, it exceeded my expectations."
Completion Survey from teen

"We had an amazing experience with your team and the organization. My daughter enjoyed and learned a great deal. Well done..."

"We want to extend our gratitude to NControl Driving School and their staff. Thank You for caring for our son Cody. we know that you and your staff see and talk to alot of students and parents alike but every time you communicated to us and had a session with Cody, you made us and him feel as we were the most important customer / student. When we called the office, your staff was always friendly and very helpful every time. (even after the many years later after our oldest son Kyle went through your course) Thank You for caring and being there to teach both Kyle and Cody safe driving techniques."

"We just wanted to say THANK YOU! Our daughter just completed the 9hr. driving course and what a great experience! The instructor was a wonderful teacher. As she begins to drive on her own in a few weeks, we as parents feel so much more at ease knowing that she's been given all the tools necessary to be successful. It couldn't have been done without the help of NControl Driving School. We would like to give a special thanks to the administrative staff for always being polite & so helpful with schedule changes."

"It was a tremendous experience to have my daughter take the three lessons at N Control. We are so happy that she did it and I believe she is a much better & safer driver now that she has. I taught her how to drive but still wanted her to get some professional help & experience behind the wheel with a certified instructor that could teach her how to be a safer driver. Well worth the money spent to give my daughter the chance at driving safely & protecting herself on the road. I'll be back in 3-4 yrs. for my other daughter. Thanks."
J. Gambadoro
AZSports radio KTAR

"I just wanted to thank you & the entire NControl team for the fabulous training you have given my daughter. The Skid Vehicle & course training was amazing! When I picked her up from the Car Control class, she said "I can't feel my legs." You gave her the chance to experience the very scary things that really do happen to drivers. Most importantly, you taught her how to think & what to do when the scary stuff happens - and it will. She learned so much from both of her classes with you & she has now taught me many things I didn't know after 30 yrs. of driving. Thank you for helping me protect my most precious gift, my child. I am eternally grateful."

"I would like to give a rounding standing ovation to the crew of NControl Driving School. My son has test anxiety and could not even get past the permit testing at the MVD. I am disabled and having to drive him where he needs to be was becoming difficult. We decided that he should go to driving school. We researched many schools and felt that NControl sounded the best. He signed up and on his first try, passed the permit test which allowed me to help him practice. His first 2 hr. driving session not only taught him the many skills and techniques needed to drive with a better understanding and awareness, but built his confidence up knowing he could do so. Our practice continued and I noticed a great improvement. The second 4hr. Car Control session which teaches many aspect of what could happen on the roads, but in a safe and controlled environment is where I noticed the greatest change in his driving ability. I am looking forward to the rest of the sessions and my son is very excited. Thank you so much for your flexibility and understanding."
NControl Parent

"You should be very proud of your company and, more importantly, your staff. From my initial conversations with your office, to my son's 3 hour driving session with the instructor, your staff has performed impeccably! They were able to accommodate my requested class dates, even though I was admittedly calling very last minute. They were polite, communicative and under-promised & over-delivered! The 4 hour Car Control Course on Sunday Oct. 23rd has made such a huge impact on my son's ability with the many valuable tools and lessons he learned there. His self confidence was raised and he thoroughly enjoyed your course. The instructor was fantastic! He called prior to coming to the house to inquire as to what things I would like to see my son improve in. He made my son feel so comfortable and made such a impact that my son quite often repeats things that he taught him. My son's skills, understanding and awareness have greatly improved which, as a mother, has given me such peace knowing that he will be driving on his own starting next week. I cannot thank you enough for what he has done for both my son and I. Bottom line is that you have a wonderful staff that truly cares! Please take a moment on my behalf to make sure that they know just how appreciated they are."
Missy A., Parent

"I have managed Corporate Safety Programs at fortune 500 companies for more than fifteen years including vehicle safety. I would like to commend your world class driver training and your professional staff. I witnessed sincere concern for the students from your staff and also their uncompromising standards of instruction. As a parent, I appreciate the quality of your training program and your caring attitude. I am one of those who believe that driver education, especially for teens, shouldn't stop at getting their new license. Thank you again."
Sam R, Parent

"Thank You so much NControl Driving School; I wanted to share this story with you. After the Car Control course on Saturday, I had Alexis drive us home in our Ford Expedition. As we were driving south on Gilbert Rd. in the far right lane, the car next to us, in the center lane, attempted to make an abrupt right turn onto Houston Street. Two problems, they were in the center lane and we were right next to them. Alexis was driving about 40mph and as I saw the car veering into our lane about a foot from our left front tire, I started to yell "look out." and Before I could get the "out" out of my mouth, Alexis had hit the brakes and in the same motion swerved the Expedition to the right and then actually took the right turn onto Houston Street as the other car continued to turn right towards our SUV. She was still probably going 25-30 mph when she started the turn onto Houston, but she managed the turn while skidding around the corner the entire way. She controlled the car once she turned onto Houston Street and slowly came to a stop on the right side of the road. I was in shock, but she kept her cool throughout, and I'm glad to say, she was able to avoid the accident altogether. We both have no doubt that if this had occurred before the Car Control course, that she would not have been able to avoid the accident. It was ironic that we were actually driving home from the course when this happened. We are obviously very grateful that we signed Alexis up for the course, since without it she would have been in a very serious accident. The course has already paid for itself and she hasn't even finished the entire course yet. Thanks to the NControl team for teaching young drivers, specifically our daughter in this case, how to handle the numerous issues they will encounter on the road. We are looking forward to the rest of the course."
Bryan R. Parent

"As usual your driver training was excellent. My daughter will get her license on the 20th of this month. She is much more at ease after your training and speaks very highly of your school. My son took your training 2 years ago and still has a spotless driving record. I will definitely recommend your school as a must take course to any young driver out there."
Sincerely, John A., Parent

"We would like to extend our thanks to you and all of the staff for a great learning experience for our son. Everyone was so helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and well prepared. The quality of service that your company provides is a standard in which more companies should strive to attain. We will be sending more young drivers your way as we are confident that they will receive the same high standards and quality that we received. Again, thank you for a job well done. My son has already been teaching me a thing or two about what he has learned... It is working already! Love that!"
Sincerely, Tarry, Parent

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you guys and tell you how wonderful your course was. My daughter had an opportunity to experience some situations she might otherwise never get to unless she had to respond to that situation. Further she enjoyed each of the instructors she had contact with and they made her feel comfortable as well as she felt she had learned a lot. I would suggest your program to EVERY parent with teens that I come in contact with. Again thank you so much, it was a great experience."
Shana, Parent

"The N Control Driving School Saved my Granddaughter's life!"

"Of course they teach the normal driving rules of the road, but teaching with the skid vehicle did it. My granddaughter was hit from behind which pushed her truck into two lanes of oncoming traffic at 50mph. Because she was taught how to handle a vehicle, rather than become a victim, she is alive. After driving the skid car, she knew how to avoid a life threatening situation. The Gilbert Police Officer at the scene said, "I don't know where she learned to drive like she did, but if she had done anything else or had not known what to do, she would have turned over her truck and this would be a horrific scene." We are forever indebted to Steve for his teaching skills... Thank You So Much."
Nancy, Gilbert, AZ

"I wanted to tell you again how impressed I am by the services you provide to our young drivers. I don't think there is anything else out there that even comes close to the hands-on approach you teach. My son didn't know what to expect and he walked away from there feeling energized and excited. It's hard to get a teenager to admit that he learned anything from an adult! But I know that he spent hours that evening giving a step by step description of his day to his friends. I feel my son is so much safer on the road now. Great job Steve!"
Lori, Owner, Southwest Professional Mortgage

"This is such a great course, what I'm impressed with the most is the small class sizes and the individual attention the students receive."
Robert, Parent

"A great driving school which increases your confidence and helps you to become a much better driver."
Renee, Age 16

"I want you to know how happy Maggie and I were with the first part of the class on Saturday. The instructor was fantastic. His clear explanation of each new skill prior to practicing it gave Maggie a better understanding of what she was learning to do. I highly recommend your classes and will enroll my younger son when it's time for him to start driving. Thanks again."
Linda, Parent

"After taking the course I feel more comfortable in traffic and on the highways then I ever did before."
Robert, Age 19

"My sister went through Stop & Go Driving and had to sit in a classroom for eight hours, and learned nothing. I'm glad I chose NControl Driving School, I've learned so much more about driving, especially through the lot exercises we did. I gained a lot of confidence in not only my ability but as well as the car's ability, and the skid car we drove taught me a lot about car control. Everyone should have to take this course, it was great. My sister wishes she would have."
Anna, Age 17

"It was a great learning experience, it made me feel more comfortable when driving the car, everyone should have to take this course."
Leigh Ann, Age 16

"Safe, fun and an excellent learning experience and the instructors are great."
Ashley, Age 16

"The best in the business."
Nicholas, Age 16

"An organized way of teaching the important skills needed to actually drive on the road."
Vani, Age 16

"It's very helpful in showing you the needed skills in controlling your car."
Matthew, Age 17

"Thank you for the excellent training you gave my daughter last Wed. - Thur. She said you were the perfect driving instructor. You were calm and explained things clearly, giving her great tips on staying safe. You helped her gain confidence she needed. She did all the driving on our shopping outing and drove brilliantly! She's my new chauffeur!"
Mrs. Lewis

"Yesterday Angela was taken from being a hesitant driver, to a more confident driver. Mike is an excellent teacher, explaining everything so she understood and had the courage to try whatever he asked. Since she drove our car, I stayed in the 'observation area' and was nervous a few times, but felt confident that Mike was only asking them to do things he knew they could successfully complete. Thank you. We look forward to her 3 hr driving on 12/4."
Penny, Parent

"We thought the driving course was very worthwhile. Jenna particularly felt she got a lot out of the first session at Phoenix Municipal Stadium. Her dad and I could see that it really helped her confidence. In fact, she was driving home from school one day in December when it was raining, had stopped at a stop sign and started her left turn when she felt a little fishtail starting. She said if someone was in the car they probably wouldn't have noticed but she sure did. Her comment was that she knew exactly what to do because of the N Control class. She felt the road portion of the class was 'boring' which I am taking as a good thing since she felt pretty confident about it. She has made a number of references to that portion of the class when we are out driving as in 'when this happens, you should do such and such'. So I definitely feel like she got plenty out of the session. She has even helped me navigate the freeway a couple of times when I couldn't remember which way to go but she did from the class."
Michelle, Parent

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